Active Stand

19.95 (including VAT)

Active Stand:

  • width 60 cm x depth 50 cm x height 55 cm
  • suitable for people with a height of 175-185 cm
  • white color
  • folds flat
  • recommended load up to 5 kg (enough to place even a large monitor)

Active Stand Low:

  • width 60 cm x depth 50 cm x height 40 cm
  • suitable for people with a height of 160-170 cm
  • white color
  • folds flat
  • recommended load up to 5 kg (enough to place even a large monitor)

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Active Stand – Computer Stand Converter

Active Stand is a standing desk converter made of cardboard. It’s ecological and the most cost-effective way to convert your traditional desk into stand up desk. It’s foldable so you can easily grab it on the go or hide it somewhere in the office. You can expand your workstation by pairing two Active Stands side to side. Then you can put two big screens or one big screen and one laptop. Get more productive and in better shape by standing while working. It’s your choice of freedom! Get your Active Stand today!

Your benefits from standing work:

  • You will get rid of back pain
  • You will lose more calories working by the standing desk
  • You will increase your productivity
  • You will be in better shape
  • You will fall in love with your work again

*There is one “but” … This desk with all its advantages will not work for you: – / We work on it in our development center and maybe in the next decade we will create a version that will do all the tasks for you 🙂

How to choose the right size?

1. Prepare the measuring cup.
2. Stand at the desk where you are going to use the “box” most often.
3. If you wear footwear every day while working at the computer, take measurements in the footwear.
4. Bend your hands at a right angle or near a straight line like typing.
5. Measure the distance from the desktop to the elbows.
6. Select the value closest to the dimensions of the lower shelf Active Stand (32 cm) or Active Stand Low (22 cm).


Standidesk gives a six-month warranty on the Active Stand cardboard panel. The warranty applies to the functionality of the product for the specified time in accordance with its intended use. This means that the product will fulfill its function for a minimum of 6 months of use from the date of purchase. The warranty applies to the use according to the intended purpose of the product, i.e., for office work, study, reading.

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Active Stand, Active Stand Low

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