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Do not worry about what others will say when start working in a standing position

By 4 February 2019 No Comments

Do not worry about what others will say when you start working in a standing position, take care of yourself first.

Let your results and your condition speak for themselves.

“I will not be standing at my desk because my guys would laugh at me.”

“From the next week, I regularly bend to the swimming pool twice a week after work.”

The quotes you are reading is an authentic piece of text that my colleague sent me when I presented him with my idea to reduce fatigue and back pain.

If you belong to people, who are ashamed to take such actions because of the potential opinions of colleagues, read this article, perhaps you will dare it.

Ask yourself, is it worth suffering for colleagues from work? Be honest in your answer. Of course, sometimes there are situations one for all, all for one on the rug of the boss. Of course, sometimes it is worth to suffer especially if your colleagues are very good colleagues or even friends. But now, think about it if your workmates are very good friends and you can not talk to them openly that you want to try working at a standing desk? Could they understand that it is for your sake that you will be happier, healthier, more open and joyful? I think you can try it. If, on the other hand, you believe that your “colleagues” are just workmates – then what are you worrying about? Who are health and happiness more important? Yours or theirs?

Look at it from another side too. Start setting trends in your work environment. Be different, express yourself with your own path. Follow your way and not a beaten path. Create the future.

Take the challenge of standing up. Maybe at first someone will be laughing, making you stupid jokes. Do not pay attention to it. Over time, when they see how well you are doing, what results you have at work, they will begin to envy you. Do you know what will happen then? They will start to come to you and ask you as an expert about your standing work experience. Then you will be their guru because it was You who initiated a new way to work in your work environment.

So do not be ashamed, dare to take this first step. Bring your own desk stand converter that allows you to work in a standing position or ask the boss to buy one for you or a standalone standing desk if there is a place to put it. Arguing the purchase of such a product for you to the company, say that it will bring a lot of positive results. You will increase your activity, productivity, start more work in less time, reduce or eliminate problems with the spine or neck. You will feel more energetic, and you will be happier.

What are you waiting for? Become a pioneer in your work. Set new trends. Follow your path.

If you have concerns about what others will say, share them in the comments below. If you throw it away from yourself, I’m sure you’ll be relieved. Besides, there may be someone who tells you what to do in your situation.

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