Welcome to our World. The World full of passion and creativity. The World of health and movement. The World of adventure and the unknown. Welcome, make yourself comfortable.

We are a lifestyle brand that is betting on activity, movements, health and simple solutions that are close to nature. That is why we created such products like Active Stand and Active Desk. In the production process, we used natural materials such as plywood and cardboard and most of them can be recycled and used again. Natural resources should positively impact us. Nowadays we live in the electronic jungle, so standidesk products should remind you about nature, help you feel relaxed and feel as you would be somewhere in the natural environment. It should tell you about adventure.

We are also about a healthy body and mind. We create ergonomic products for your health. We offer you knowledge about healthy lifestyle and stand up solutions. We offer you help on how to move from sitting to standing position. You can count on advice, support, motivation, and challenges we do for you. We want to help you make progress in your life.

All the above actions should help you be happy with life and be healthy. We hope you join this journey with us? In the end, why not?

Our mission is to help you make progress in your day to day tasks by providing you with tools that are made with passion. That is ergonomic and in harmony with nature. We want to help you rejoice with what you do and motivate you to live your life on your own terms.

Our Manifesto

My Story

Hi, my name’s Damian, and I found this company for people like you. If you are here and you read this words you probably are seeking something in your life. You probably want to change something for better. I was finding „this” solution for a long time. I felt that something is wrong. I was thinking if working on a computer, working by sitting in front of the desk is the best choice for me. I was repeating a lot in my mind: „That’s what I wanted.” A computer lifestyle. An online lifestyle. Unfortunately, back pains and overall weariness and lack of movements during work were impacting me more and more.
One day I started working several minutes by my bookshelf. There was a shelf that fits my MacBook almost perfectly and allowed me working while standing up. Then I was searching for a better solution. That’s how it all started. Long story short but that’s how standidesk was born. That was a problem needed to be solved.

I saw that was not only my problem. This problem has a lot of people working on a computer on a daily basis. A lot of these people wonder what’s wrong with their mood and health. They don’t realize that is a sedentary lifestyle. They feel that that old passion for computer work has gone not knowing why. They even change their job in hope for the for the better life only to realize after some time that it was not the case.
That’s why I want to encourage you to try working standing up. It may turn out to be a real game changer for you. To be a remedy for your back pains, for your mood, for your mind. I’m sure that you will notice the positive change in your creativity and productivity. I’m sure that you will see back pain relief. You will feel more alive and happy. You will have more energy to do new things.
What more can I do for you? Benjamin Franklin once said that people are most convinced to things they discover by themselves. That’s why I can only encourage you to deepen your knowledge about standing desks and working by standing up. Start searching, be curious. Try it by practicing. You will be entirely convinced soon. I’m sure about this.

Your friend,
Damian Bezak
Standidesk founder.

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