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Why standing desk?

You will get rid of back pain

You will lose more calories working by the standing desk

You will increase your productivity

You will be in better shape

You will fall in love with your work again

You will be more happy at work and at home

Why Standidesk desks?

  • simple

  • ecological

  • beautifully designed

  • ergonomic

  • free and professional knowledge

  • Standidesk is more than desks – is a lifestyle

  • help in the transition to standing (free ebook available below!)

  • mobility and stretching exercises (available soon on our YouTube channel)

Is it for Me?

If you wonder if the standing desk is for you just answer below questions to yourself


Do I have back pains or neck pains?

Thanks to standing and active position, you can now reduce or totally eliminate back and neck pains. Think, how much your life can change without those pains?

Do I care for my body or want to be fit?

Standing and wriggling you can burn a lot more calories than sitting.

Do I like an active lifestyle and be in motion?

If motion and active lifestyle is your nature, but you chose to work on the computer, you should worry no more. Thanks to a standing desk, you can now work in the environment closer to your nature.

Am I creative enough?

Motion and movements affect our brain and creativity. Working by standing desk, you have a lot more chances for original and creative ideas than traditionally sitting.

Do I want to do more in less time?

You will do more things in less time working on the stand than sitting. Sitting position can make you lazy and be more distracted. On the other hand, standing, more active position will make you more focused on your tasks.

Do I have big plans for the future?

Big and ambitious plans and goals require time. If you still be spending the most time on sitting you can run out of your precious time. Scientists proved that sitting each hour, you are 22 minutes less of your lifespan time. Stand up and sit once your legs really can’t stand anymore.

Do I like the newest trends and be cool?

If none of the above doesn’t impress you, maybe you just want to be the first to bring the latest trend to your office space?

Something sounds familiar?

If something is close to your heart, seek no more. This a solution for you!

Meet the sitting consequences

Learn what can happen to your body if you won’t change your lifestyle!

biurka do pracy na stojąco
haze of mind
Costen syndrome
neck pain
collapsed chest
heart diseases
Carpal tunnel syndrome
lumbar pain
risk of type 2 diabetes
weight gain
muscular degeneration
pelvic floor dysfunction
knees pain
problems of the lower limbs

Download the free ebook! “How to shift from sitting to a standing desk the right way. Complete step by step help book.”

Do you want to be chained to your chair to the rest of your life?

Move the slider and compare how your day can look like?

biurka do pracy na stojąco biurka do pracy na stojąco

Still not convinced?

See what scientists are talking about sedentary lifestyle:

Sitting is the new smoking

Dr. James S. LevineDirector of the Mayo Clinic–Arizona State University Obesity Solutions Initiative

Sitting is more dangerous than smoking, kills more people than HIV and is a lot more treacherous than parachute jumping

Dr. James S. LevineDirector of the Mayo Clinic–Arizona State University Obesity Solutions Initiative

World Health Organisation place sedentary lifestyle on fourth place on the list of the death cause that can be avoided. In the last 20 years, sedentary lifestyle was at the top of the health risks list.

World Health Organisation

The typical seated office worker has more musculoskeletal injuries than any other industry sector worker, including construction, metal industry, and transportation workers. One researcher’s conclusion: sitting is as much an occupational risk as lifting heavy weights on the job.

Eric JensenA Member of Society for Neuroscience, the author of many books and publications

When we sit for long periods, the muscles in our lower bodies literally turn off and become inactive. Simultaneously, we automatically adopt positions that don’t utilize the critical muscles and connective tissues that stabilize and support our trunk and spine. The result is compromised body function, and it causes a multitude of common and pernicious orthopedic problems, like back and neck dysfunction, carpal tunnel syndrome, and pelvic floor dysfunction.

Dr. Kelly StarettCo-founder of Mobilitywod.com, coach of top professional athletes from NBA, MLB, NFL and best performing Hollywood stars

They trusted Us

They are already working while standing using Standidesk products!

Our Heroes

Take a look at how our customers changed their lives

Bartek Krawczyk

Direct Response Copywriter

I worked for 8 hours in the office and almost the same at home as a freelancer. Two years ago my back ``got out.`` Seating 5 minutes at the desk became unbearable. In the end, I ended up on the table with a physiotherapist - a specialist in back pain.

He stretched me and felt like he was giving me a new back ... for two days because the pain came back. I even bought chair support that straightens the lumbar spine. It also helped, but it was impermanent and kept moving on the chair, which made me use my back and correct it, which was frustrating.
I started to search for other solutions on the Internet. I found information about people working standing up. It seemed to be ok. At first, everyone was looking at me strangely when I put plain cardboard on my desk. I felt odd, but my backache reached such a level that I did not care what other people would think - I could not sit any more, just jumped from my left butt to the right and in turns.
There was such a moment that when I commuted to work (1.5 hours by train + bus), I did not sit down, I was standing all the way. At Christmas, I made a present and bought a laptop table with a stand, for standing work. It looked good in the picture, but it turned out that it was a little too low for me and it was still wobbling on the right and left.
At the beginning of September, when I was scrolling through Facebook, I saw that one of my friends liked the commercial about standing writers. I went to the site, read and downloaded the ebook. I was a little surprised that before, I did not know this site and the company because it seemed to me that I looked through the entire Internet on this topic.
I read the ebook from the web, and it turned out that I was making one mistake, I had no idea about it, and because of that my neck ached when I was working standing up. It convinced me to buy an ``Active Stand`` cardboard desk converter to see how it works for me. Thanks to its two-stage construction I will have a laptop screen at the height of my eyes. The price was not too high, so I decided to check.
I ordered an Active Stand on Wednesday. On Thursday, the courier has already delivered it to me. Now, after a week of work, I feel that my spine is back in its standard form. It is working without pain again. I do not have to take breaks now and then anymore or get up from the desk for a long time and instead of focusing on work, thinking about what to do to let the back pain go away for a moment. Well, I do not have to slouch, and while working on standing I do not lose my concentration, and I do not feel drowsy.

Take joy in your life. Be open for a new adventure.

An adventure in which you will learn what happiness is. Less pain, more joy. You will open your mind. You release your potential. You will get closer to your goal. You will do the best job of your life.